Conversations with The Experts- Dr. William Grobman

Dr. William Grobman is a leading researcher from Northwestern University and the Feinberg School of Medicine.  After his recent visit for Grand Rounds, Dr. Grobman was kind enough to stop by and talk to us for Conversations with the experts, discussing the big questions we need to still answer in OB GYN.  He also talks a bit about how we’ve managed to come up with a good treatment for alloimmunization, and how we hope to do the same for other issues in obstetrics.

Conversations with the Experts- Dr. Kenneth Moise

Dr. Kenneth Moise is from the University of Texas School of Medicine in Houston,  and Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital and co-Director of  The Texas Fetal Center.   He has a special interest in the prenatal diagnosis and minimally invasive surgical treatment of fetal disorders, and is one of the world experts in fetal anemia secondary to maternal red cell alloimmunization, twin-twin transfusion, discordant fetal anomalies in monochorionic twins and twin reversed arterial perfusion sequence (TRAP). Dr. Moise is also actively involved in the open fetal surgical repair program for myelomeningocele at the Texas Fetal Center.   Dr. Moise sat down with us after he gave Grand Rounds at Christiana Care’s Department of OB GYN, and discusses how to ensure patients are properly screened and treated for alloimmunization in pregnancy.

Conversations with the Experts- Dr. Ronald Wapner

For our Conversations with the Experts series, Dr. Ronald Wapner, MD, professor of Maternal Fetal Medicine at Columbia University, sat down to discuss genetic screening in Obstetrics. Dr. Wapner is an internationally known physician and researcher in the field of reproductive genetics, and helped to pioneer the development of chorionic villus sampling (CVS) and multi-fetal reduction. He has led studies into the accuracy, efficacy and clinical advantages of prenatal diagnosis using micro-array analysis, helping lead the way to new non-invasive screening tests for pregnant women.
Importantly, Dr. Wapner discusses how doctors must help patients understand what the new genetic screening tests mean, counsel them, and make sure they understand that any such test should be followed by invasive testing, such as CVS or Amniocentesis, to make a firm diagnosis. It’s extremely important to understand confounding factors of age, weight, residual risk, and the like involved in the new genetic screenings, in order to make sure the patient fully understands the information and can make a truly informed decision.

Conversations with the Experts- Dr. Alfred Abuhamad

Dr. Alfred Abuhamad, MD was kind enough to speak with us about the use of 3d Ultrasound, after an excellent lecture on patient safety in obstetrics that will be available through our regular audio podcast feed. Dr. Abuhamad talks about the advantages of 3d ultrasound in clarifying diagnosis, and its potential to help reduce unnecessary procedures.