OB GYN To Go 017: Reliability of Laproscopic compared to Hysteroscopic Sterilization at One Year

We sat down with Dr. Hy and Dr. Nima Patel to discuss “Reliability of Laproscopic Compared With Hysteroscopic sterilization at one year- a decision analysis” by Gariepy t al, from Obstetrics and Gynecology Vol. 188 #2 from August, 2011.  This paper details the success rates between laproscopic and hysteroscopic sterilization techniques, performed both in the OR and hysteroscopic sterilization performed in the office setting.  With 38.2 million US Women using contraceptives, 27% or approximately 10.3 million are using sterilization as their method of choice in preventing conception.  With as much as a 10% difference in effectiveness, doctors and patients need to be aware of the relative risks when choosing a method that best suits their needs.


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